Hair Shaping Wax
Hair Shaping Wax
Hair Shaping Wax
Hair Shaping Wax
Hair Shaping Wax
Hair Shaping Wax
Hair Shaping Wax
Hair Shaping Wax
Hair Shaping Wax

Hair Shaping Wax


  • Styling
  • Strong-Hold
  • Smoothing
Keep your hairstyles on fleek with Shaping Wax, a strong-hold, smoothing product that eliminates frizz and flyaways and holds the hair in place all day long.
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Use GK Hair Shaping Wax to tame loose hair and get that effortless, textured look. This lightweight shaping wax gives a strong hold to hairstyles and leaves a long-lasting finish.
Juvexin:(A keratin based anti-aging protein blend) protects your dry, brittle, color-damaged hair from the harsh environmental elements.
Beeswax:Provides smooth application and creates hair structure.
Candelilla Wax:Creates texture and a soft, pliable hold.
GK Hair Products are free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, DEA, TEA, or Gluten.We use the best ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals.

Q: Is there any difference between GK Hair Serum and GK Hair Cashmere?

A: Yes, there is. GK Hair Serum is a weightless formula: it provides shine, fights off frizz, sedates flyaways, and provides body without weighing down the hair whereas, Cashmere is used to detangle the hair, and to provide conditioning and comes in a creamy consistency that is also an excellent blow drying aid.

Q: Is there anything to protect the hair from pool water?

A: GK Hair Leave-In Spray/Cream can be used to protect the hair from environmental impurities, chlorinated water, salinated water, and sweat. It also provides a layer of moisturization.

Q: Is there any curl enhancer?

A: GK Hair CurlsDefineHer enhances the curls while softening the hair and bringing out the bounce.

Q: What is the difference with GK Hair Styling Mousse and GK Hair Wax?

A: GK Hair Styling Mousse provides light-to-medium hold to the hair while providing soothing to the hair where GK Hair Wax provides medium-to-strong hold. Both the products come bearing beauty benefits of Juvexin.

Q: Is there any product to prevent heat-damage?

A: Yes, there is: ThermalStyleHer can be applied prior to using any heat-tool (blow dry, flat iron, and curling iron) It is a heat-activated product that prevents hair damage.




Frizzy Untamed Hard to style


Straight Wavy Curly


Strong-Hold Frizzy Hair Textured Hair



reported strong hold


claimed reduced frizz


noticed improved texture

Key Benefits

  • Gives a strong, yet lightweight hold to your hairstyle.
  • Add texture and structure to the hair.
  • Combats frizz and flyaways.
  • 2x softer, more tamed hair.
  • Gives a long-lasting, effortless look to your style.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Saad abdul samad
Least Painful Wax I've Tried

Waxing your bikini area can be very painful. But this is the best wax I've tried so far with regard to removing every hair without having to go over the same area more than once with the least amount of pain. This stuff is good. I have a very sensitive bikini area and getting everything off quickly and in one pass is essential for minimal irritation. I'd give this a try if you've been struggling to find the right wax for at-home treatments.

Sana siraj pardesi

I liked this product!!! It was nice spreading on but when I removed it, it wouldnt take all of the hair out. It did remove most. However, it was a LOT less painful than other wax I have tried.

Tabeer Asrar
Great product.

Works better than expected! Far superior to the mess that GiGi is. Easy apply and removes without any residue or mess. Removes most all hair and can use almost anywhere. No strips needed.

Sadaf Amjad
Excellent excellent excellent!

Best wax I've ever used!

Bitana Jawwad

So many people seem to like this but I havent had the best luck.It doesnt really take off much of my hair (rips off more skin than hair honestly). Even when I let my leg hair grow out pretty long it still didnt really get a majority of it.Tried it on my husbands back and it definitely took more of his hair than mine (but his was like an inch long lol), then it caused him to break out in a rash.