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Holiday Gold Set
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Holiday Gold Set

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  • Smoothing
  • Nourishing
  • Cleansing
Bring back your hair’s natural youthfulness while giving it a gentle cleansing with GK Hair Gold Shampoo and Conditioner Duo!
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GKhair Gold Shampoo & Conditioner Duo moisturizes and nourishes hair internally. Infused with JUVEXIN Keratin, it keeps hair strands aptly moisturized and makes hair soft, silky and smooth. Gold Duo is a blend of ALOE VERA, SHEA BUTTER & ARGAN Oil for soft, shiny and youthful hair. Buy now GKhair Gold Shampoo and Conditioner for voluminous healthy hair.
Juvexin:A keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized for restoring hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state. Protects against future damage and environmental effects by creating a shield over each hair strand.
ALOE VERA:Adds moisture to the hair follicles.
SHEA BUTTER:Ultimate smoothing.
ARGAN OIL:Luxurious shine and styling aid.
Free From Sulfates, Parabens, Phtalates, DEA, TEA.We use the best ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals.

Q: Can I Use Gold Shampoo And Conditioner On Color-Treated Hair?

A: Yes! Gold Duo is safe to use on color-treated hair and helps in prolonging the vibrance of it.

Q: Does Gold Duo Contain Sulfates?

A: No. Gold Duo is a 100% sulfate-free formula and contains no harsh chemicals such as parabens, glutens, phthalates, and DEA/TEA.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Moisturizing Duo And Gold Duo?

A: Moisturizing Duo is developed for dry, frizzy and damaged hair whereas Gold Duo is suitable for combination hair.

Q: Can I Use Gold Duo After Getting A Keratin Treatment?

A: Yes. Gold Duo comes from the range of No. 1 worldwide Hair Taming System and improves the results of a keratin treatment.

Q: Which Product Works Best With Gold Duo?

A: Gold Duo delivers exceptional results with Leave-In Spray.

Shampoo and conditioner daily to protect the hair from damage and provide superior moisturizing and cleansing with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to smooth the hair. Apply Serum on wet or dry hair for smooth finished look.



claimed improvement


reported stronger hair


noticed less frizz



Combination Frizzy Brittle


Straight Wavy Curly Coily


Dull Hair Frizzy hair Fragile Hair

Key Benefits

  • Hydrates the hair while giving it a gentle cleanse.
  • 70% lesser frizz and flyaways.
  • Keeps the hair roots fresh and clean.
  • Brings back the natural luster and shine.
  • Deeply hydrates dry hair lengths.
  • Adds a touch of silky softness.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Great Product

After giving birth to my second daughter i started losing hair and it was not growing back. Being a female this was horrible!> I started using this shampoo (i did think it as expensive ) but the reviews were great so i went for it. I am on my third bottle and i can say that not only did my hair stop falling but i now have new hairs growing! Best Shampoo ever!

Noor Fatima
i love

My hair is getting thinner and I've researched all of the ingredients in this shampoo and they are quite beneficial for the hair. I'm already noticing a difference in my hair and how much better it feels. I can't wait to further test this product. This product is also 100% natural so it's got my approval.

A spectacular value

this shampoo helper my hair look fool and tick and i love organic is the best shampoo i ever use

qurat ali
So much more volume!

I bought my original bottle on Dec 29th 2014, Why? My thinning and loss of hair, After my research I found that there are too many carcinogens in every day shampoo. I just finished it in July 2018, Yes, I used it 5-6 times a week. You say impossible but it only takes a few drops to do a good lather. Let it remain in your hair a few minutes before rinsing. My hair loss slowed and then finally became non existent in the first few months to this day. I will never use another hair product. I figured it out to be less than .70 a month. You can't even beat that at a dollar store. 60+ with my own hair.

better than other product

So far so good! I have only been using this product for a month but, I love how my hair feels. I can tell that my hair has much more volume and does not get as oily as before. I have not seen hair growth but, I need to give the product the full three months as it states. I will give another review once the three months is over with. I'm excited to have found a product that is organic and nurtures my hair!