Your Hair Color Stays On Long!

One of the major concerns when going in for your new hair color service is how to protect the integrity and vibrancy of your new color well after leaving the salon. Hair color fades with successive washes and appears dull. A treatment plan for maintenance is crucial to keep the hues in your tresses looking their best. It can be a challenge to prolong your hair color with so many environmental effects to take into consideration. Simply explained, the healthier your hair is, the easier it will be to maintain. You might have heard about keratin treatments and their benefits for overall hair health. However, there is uncertainty about whether they would be compatible with your normal hair coloring routine. This brings us to another major common query regarding how compatible keratin treatments are with color. Depending on the ingredients in the products, a keratin treatment can lift your color for up to two levels. This means that it might bring your hair color to a lighter shade. However, there are options in keratin treatments that would help to prolong your hair color alongside giving you smooth hair. Fortunately, whether you wish to prolong your color or you want your keratin and color to complement each other, GK Hair has you covered!

Prolonging the Life of Your Hair Color

If you’re fond of changing your hair color now and then, you know that prolonging its life can be a challenge. There are fixes like purple shampoo and blue-based products to maintain cool blonde tones. However, there are still questions about how to prolong the life of other vibrant colors such as red and violet. In that case, GK Hair Lock Me Color Masque is your go-to service right after your hair color! It locks your brand new color in your strands, making them appear bright and vibrant. It provides nourishment and conditioning to your strands for a healthier appearance.

Color First, then Smooth and Seal

If you want your color and keratin together, GK Hair has the solution for you. You can get GK Hair Taming System with Juvexin - Resistant or Curly keratin treatments - after your color service without having to wait for weeks. This way you can enjoy your fresh color with the smoothing benefits for 3-5 months. Color Sealing, as the name goes, is another option from GK Hair specifically designed to seal in and lock the hair color. This service will seal the color in your strands and smoothen the hair without straightening. Bonus point: it also provides UV/UVA protection. The results will last for up to 2 months.