Moisturizing Conditioners: Know The Basics

Conditioners are a vital part of a hair care regimen. Why? Since it is used mostly as an after-wash product, it helps in retaining the moisture lost during the wash. Further, it helps in detangling and smoothing your hair, which reduces the chances of breakage. Hair professionals worldwide stick by the rule of conditioning the hair after the shampoo. 

There are many types of conditioners out there depending on your hair texture and the ingredients of the conditioner. One of them is the moisturizing conditioner, a must-have hair care staple that you need for every season. You will definitely see it stacked up on the vanity shelves of those who have dry, damaged hair. 



So what makes this moisturizing conditioner everyone’s favorite? Well, it’s the benefits of this conditioner. It literally can prove to work miracles for your hair. But before getting to benefits, let’s discuss the types of moisturizing conditioner in Pakistan:

Rinse Out Hair Conditioner (After Wash)

This is a conditioner that is to be used after washing your hair. This has been one of the most common tactics to control the frizz in your hair for decades now. Even when conditioners were not there in the market, oils were used as conditioners. Now conditioners have been developed to serve a certain hair type. After-wash moisturizing conditioners are also packed with nourishing oils to help dry and damaged hair retain moisture. This moisture loss might be because of over washing, a damaging treatment or styling tools.

Leave-In Moisturizing Conditioner (Pre Styler)

A leave-in moisturizing conditioner is a double-action hair product that works perfectly for those who have unmanageable hair. It will nourish your hair and prepare it for styling. However, make sure that your hair is washed, otherwise leave-in conditioner, especially a moisturizing leave-in conditioner, can make your hair greasy. You can either use a leave-in conditioner cream or leave-in conditioner spray depending on the texture of your hair. Leave-in cream is perfect for curly hair, while a leave-in conditioner spray works for thin, frizzy hair. Try GK Hair Leave-In Conditioner Cream or Leave-In Conditioner Spray!


Deep Conditioner Hair Masque (Pre Wash)

A hair masque is a saving grace for damaged hair. Trust us! Hair professionals call it a mini-salon treatment. These masques moisturize your brittle, thirsty strands in a few minutes. It can leave your hair shiny, smooth, and soft in just one application. However, make sure that you are following the right procedure for the application. The ingredients are also important to be considered here. Keep in mind that you will be leaving it on for a few minutes. Try GK Hair Deep Conditioner, a moisturizing pre-wash conditioning masque that refreshes your dry hair strands in 20 minutes.

Once you have chosen the type of moisturizing conditioner that you want to use, here are a few benefits that will make you even more excited to choose a moisturizing conditioner:


Moisturizing Conditioner | Moisturizing Conditioner UK


Frizz Fighter: 

A moisturizing conditioner is the ultimate frizz fighter. The reason behind the frizz is the moisture which might be stripped away. How does moisturizing conditioner help? It has all the right nutrients that can help in moisturizing the frizzy strands despite the hair type.

Hair Detangler: 

For those who have dry or curly hair, such conditioners are a brilliant solution for effortless detangling. Whenever you brush your hair, you might see your broken hair strands stuck in the comb or brush. Put an end to it by choosing any type of moisturizing conditioner for your hair. You can use all three or you can only use the rinse-out hair conditioner.

Color Protection:

OK! We all struggle with this one. Color protection is important even if you don’t have color-treated hair. If you have a dry, damaged, and frizzy mane, chances are your hair will slowly move to discoloration. Therefore, look for an ingredient in the conditioner that protects the hair from premature aging. More so, you can find many Moisturizing Conditioners that can protect your color-treated hair while smoothing it.

Hair Softener:

Who does not want their hair to be soft and free of flyaways? Imagine when light falls on your hair, your hair shines and as you touch it, it slips easily through your hand. Do you know how that can happen? By adding a rinse-out moisturizing conditioner in your hair routine. You can also use a deep conditioner that moisturizes your hair after every 2 weeks.

Smoothing Agent:

This is the most important function of a moisturizing conditioner. It is mostly packed with ingredients that are hydrating such as natural oils. These ingredients can transform the hair from the inside out.

Special tip:

All three moisturizing conditioners for dry hair can be used in one routine to improve the health of the hair. However, make sure to not overuse these products since they are packed with oils and can leave your hair oily. Use them according to the directions on the packaging.