Dry Shampoo | The Game Changer For The Super Busy Superwoman!

Busy routine is the new way to describe a successful woman’s lifestyle. Contemporary women are multi-taskers. However, the busy routine is no excuse to put your health and self care second. Hair is something that makes or breaks your look. Therefore, maintaining it is one of the biggest mental chaos. Styling and washing it daily is one of the biggest problems. You don't have time and it will also disrupt the health of your hair. So what is the solution to revamp your hair? There is one and is the favorite of many hair experts. It is the GK Hair Dry Shampoo

You get clean hair without water in just a few sprays. 

Hair professionals stand by it. It can extend volume, make blowouts last longer, and put the bounce back in waves. It is an essential must-have in the beauty bag, but like everything else, too much of anything is a bad thing. Here are some simple tips from some celebrity hair stylists have quoted to get maximum results:


Spray Evenly

For getting maximum results, make sure to spray it on evenly. Let the products sit in your hair and then slowly massage so that product can blend properly to suck all the oils. 


It happens to everyone! Spraying along and then you realize, hey, that’s too much! So now what? Simply take a brush through your hair until the white patches disappear. Again, massaging it in with fingertips would be a good idea. Don't worry, it is a no residue formula. 

Not Just An Oil Absorbent

Dry Shampoo has starch which makes up all the oil, but more than that, it’s a styling aid. It can freshen up and clean oily hair so that it can build height. Spraying on the roots till the ends help bring and maintain a uniform texture throughout the hair. From there, you can blow dry the client’s hair for volume or use a curling iron to form funky cool waves. Thin hair usually sees a much more prominent difference.

Minimalistic Approach!

Always keep in mind, the Dry Shampoo isn’t for spraying excessively all over your hair. Excess of it would leave white patches that look like grey hair. The best place to apply the GK Hair Dry Shampoo is the roots, which would provide hair with volume and bounce. Also, underneath the hair is where most of the greasiness gets produced, so this will help to control it.