Deep Conditioner - The Hair Saver For All Types and Textures

Hair care! It is one of the most important topics for those who care about their hair, or for those who have neglected their hair for a long time. Your hair needs TLC despite the hair type, texture, and your styling routine. You might have the shiniest and strongest hair, but it will not save you from worrying about your hair. Your hair needs hair treatments which can help in preserving the natural brilliance while enhancing the condition of your hair. 

There are several hair treatments to revamp the health of your hair like a salon treatment that lasts for months, a DIY hair mask that you can prepare from your kitchen cabinet items or the most powerful treatment that experts stand by: Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment. No matter your hair type, this conditioner helps in reviving and moisturizing your hair. Let us answer a few questions which can help you understand the “Deep Conditioner” phenomenon better!


What is a deep conditioner? 

The Deep Conditioner differs from a standard conditioner. It provides your hair with moisture and locks it deeply in your hair strands. The conditioner comes in a creamy, thick texture so that it can help in tackling the wide range of hair problems. 


Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment - GK Hair PK


How is it different from your day-to-day conditioner?

Well, your daily conditioner is more like a moisturizer! Once you wash your hair, you have to leave it on for 2 to 3 minutes at the mid-length to replenish your hair with moisture which might have been ripped off. Deep conditioning treatment works like a hair mask. It is a mighty boost for the hair health as it is packed with some super ingredients which can penetrate the shaft of your hair strands and nourish it from the inside out. It is thicker than the standard conditioners. 


How often do you use Deep Conditioner as a hair treatment?

This is an important question that pops up every time someone thinks about using this conditioner. It might shock you to know that using it frequently is not a smart idea. You can use it every week or every two weeks depending on the condition of your hair. For those who have color treated hair can use it once a week and those who have never undergone a hair treatment can use it after two weeks. 


We can conclude that Deep Conditioner is a must-have product to be used in the hair care ritual. Here are a few benefits you can look forward to:

Repairs The Stubborn Damage

Think about your hair and then think about your hair routine and your diet. The health of your hair heavily depends on these two factors. If you are someone who has damaged hair, you might be using heating tools or too many hair products that are stripping off the moisture of your hair. Applying a deep conditioner is like applying a hydrating cream to your thirsty strands. It will rejuvenate your hair from the inside out. GK Hair Deep Conditioner is one of a kind. It is packed with result-delivering ingredients that leave your hair hydrated and nourished from shaft to core. 

Raises The Level Of Moisture

Now, dry and brittle hair results from lack of moisture in your hair. This dryness leaves your hair prone to breakage and the formation of split ends. GK Hair Deep Conditioner is infused with Natural Jojoba Seed Oils, which conditions hair strands by increasing the moisture level. It can mimic the natural oils and deliver hydration. However, make sure to use it every two weeks since using it frequently can imbalance the moisture levels resulting in oily hair. 

Increases Hair Elasticity 

Think about a rubber band! If you keep stretching, it will become thin and will snap into two after some time. The same goes for your hair. Brushing or straightening your hair will make it thinner and on the verge of breakage. Our hair is made up of Keratin protein which falls apart over time. The hair elasticity can be improved by supplying your hair nutrients that can help in leveling up the Keratin in the hair. GK Hair Deep Conditioner is packed with Juvexin, which is a Keratin-based hair protein. It helps in maintaining the elasticity of hair. 

Adds Shine 

Your hair might appear dull because of a lack of luster. A Deep Conditioning treatment helps in adding shine to dull and dry hair in no time. Your hair has a natural shine, but the excess use of the products and heating tools takes away that natural shine. The Deep Conditioner has nutrients that can help in moisturizing and making your hair shiny and lustrous once again. 

It Does Magic In No Time

OK! This is one of the reasons why these Deep Conditioner treatments have taken over from salons to vanity shelves of your homes. As it takes only a few minutes to effectively do its job, which is to eliminate the frizz, increase hair elasticity, repair the damage, hydrate and nourish the thirsty hair strands, and add an instant shine. The GK Hair Deep Conditioner for dry hair also takes only 20 minutes to smooth out the dull tresses thanks to its ingredients, which all together work like one big nourishing punch. It is like a mini salon at your home.

Here are a few deep conditioning tips that will help you in delivering the perfect results of GK Hair Deep Conditioner for dry hair especially.


Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment - GK Hair


Tip # 1 Do not over condition your hair

Yes! We know seeing hair transformation after the first use will tempt you to use it before every hair wash. However, it can disrupt the moisture levels, resulting in greasy or oily hair. 


Tip # 2 Use it on clean hair

Many of us make the mistake of applying it to unwashed hair. The ingredients cannot work on hair with dirt, oil, and sebum. Make sure to wash your hair before applying the deep conditioner. 


Tip # 3 Use heat to help ingredients penetrate

Now, this is a pro’s tip. You can use a blow dryer if you want to. The heat always helps in penetrating the ingredients from the shaft. In this way, you can get better results. However, if you are doubtful, you can leave the heating step out. 


Tip # 4 Cover your hair with a cap.

Want your Deep Conditioner to give better results without heat? Cover your hair with a cap so that it creates a natural heat and delivers better results for your damaged hair. 


Tip # 5  Don’t leave it on for more than the suggested time

Keep in mind that these treatments work better if you follow the right instructions. If the method says you have to apply it for 20 minutes, set the alarm for 20 minutes. Don't leave it on for an hour. Excess of anything is never good, and the same goes for the Deep Conditioner.


Tip# 6 Do check if the Deep Conditioner is paraben or sulfate-free

Sulfates and parabens can strip off the natural moisture. Imagine if you apply these for a considerable amount of time on your hair. Your hair might get smooth and shiny as soon as you wash your hair, but what if you lose the moisture after 3 or 4 times? Think about it. GK Hair Deep Conditioner does not have any sulfates or parabens.

Tip # 7 Do check if the Deep Conditioner Hair Masque works for blonde Hair

Not all deep conditioners work for Blonde hair. Why? Well, the brassy tones might show up as soon as you wash your hair. For this purpose, GK Hair has developed a special formula that is Ultra Blonde Bombshell Hair Masque that not only conditions your hair but also tones your hair to eliminate frizz and brassy tones. 


Deep Conditioner - The Hair Saver For All Types and Textures


Tip # 8 Always use lukewarm water

Make sure to rinse out with lukewarm water because hot water is going to damage your hair cuticles while cold water will not wash the product. The best solution is to wash your hair with tepid water. 


A deep conditioner can truly transform your hair. Sneaking it in your hair routine will enhance the health of your hair. However, make sure to read all the ingredients before you choose the right Deep Conditioner