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There are many reasons argan oil is referred to as “liquid gold”. It is used in a variety of hair care products to nourish and hydrate hair. Although argan oil is a significant ingredient in many shampoos and conditioners, it is especially effective in leave-in products that strive to repair damaged ends and prevent future damage, such as hair creams and serums. Hair serums with argan oil as the major ingredient are considered among the best and most effective.

And this is why you should be adding GK Hair Argan Oil Serum into your daily hair care routine. If your dry and frizzy hair just doesn’t get tamed at any cost, it needs a double dose of nourishment. Since Argan Oil Serum is infused with Juvexin and Argan Oil, its dual action formula keeps your hair adequately hydrated and nourished for up to 24 hours.

Here are a few reasons why you should be using Serum Argan Oil for your hair:


The hydrating power of Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend, and Argan Oil rejuvenates your hair from dull, brittle, lifeless strands to smooth, manageable, luminous tresses. Its healthy and clean ingredients don’t go harsh on your hair. It easily blends itself into your dry ends and eliminates frizz and flyaways instantly without weighing your hair down. Ideal for both oily and dry hair,
Serum Argan Oil adds bounce to your hair, giving it a fuller touch.


6 Reasons Why Your Hair Needs Argan Oil Serum



The key purpose of Juvexin is to repair hair from within, as well as from the outside, and to restore hair to its natural youthful state while preventing further damage from sun and external environmental elements. When mixed with Argan Oil, the benefits of Juvexin are multiplied and boost up hair health and nourishment.



Both Juvexin and Argan Oil have protective features, which prevent your hair not only from sun damage, but also keeps external damage away. Its moisturizing abilities lubricates the hair, and prevents split ends, leaving your hair ends healthy, repaired and smooth. 



This serum is formulated for all kinds of hair; be it dry, oily, normal, straight, coily, wavy, curly, natural, or any other. It instantly acts as a revitalizer and a protectant, and gives you an experience of tangle-free, frizz-free, luminous hair. You don’t need to worry about your hair type and the suitability of the product any longer. 



One of the key benefits of
Serum Argan Oil is that it is lightweight and doesn’t weigh down your hair. Instead, it adds bounce to your hair and gives it a non-greasy, yet a nourished, glossy look that lasts all day long. If you have oily tresses, don’t stress over your hair getting weighed down by leave-in products anymore. This serum is just the right aftercare for you!



GK Hair
Serum Argan Oil is a sulfate-free, paraben-free formula. Its healthy and clean ingredients encourage and promote healthy hair texture and improve your hair condition by repairing hair shafts and giving an improved look to your hair overall.  

And that’s pretty much all the reasons why your hair needs Argan Oil Serum. Follow us on www.gkhair.com for hair care tips and advice.