5 Summer Hair Troubles Resolved - GK Hair PK

Imagine yourself on a summer evening, wearing a floral dress, with your beautiful beach waves and summer hat, sitting under a tree with your fruit basket on a cliff. We love how cheerful summer is - in the movies. In reality, it’s only sweat, dirt, heat, humidity, dryness, dehydration, sun damage, and whatnot. Your entire season is spent battling with either god forsaken frizz, or never-ending dryness. Therefore, we have decided to come to your rescue, and have dedicated this thread to discuss how a single product can cater to many of your summer hair troubles.


Ah, the eternal enemy to our beautiful tresses. Frizzy hair is a common concern in the summer, and with the increased levels of humidity, it’s even more difficult to handle. There’s only one thing that can counteract frizz; loads of hydration. Therefore, a hydrating shampoo such as GK Hair Moisturizing Shampoo is a good help for dry, poofy hair. Its healthy, natural ingredients such as Juvexin, natural seed oils and plant extracts deliver super hydration and nourishment to your hair, and keep it from getting frizzy.


Dryness is the root of all evil, and should be dealt with as necessary. When the hair is dry, it runs away in different directions to look for moisture, which results in hair knots and flyaways. Moisturizing Shampoo, with its hydrating properties, maintains the inner moisture level of your hair, and prevents dryness. Since the shampoo is free of sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals, it doesn’t strip off natural moisture of your hair, and keeps it adequately nourished.

Color Fading

The summer goes way harder on color-treated hair than the other. As color-treated hair is already damaged, frequent exposure to harmful sun rays causes 2x damage, causing hair color to fade away more quickly than it should. Moisturizing Shampoo, hence, comes in handy in this scenario. Its dual-action formula prevents hair color from fading away, and maintains its vibrance.


Moisturizing Shampoo | GK Hair PK


Sun Damage

The sun is way more damaging to our hair than we typically think. Exposing our hair to sunrays frequently can result in severe hair damage, split-ends, dryness, discoloration, and premature aging of hair. Therefore, a hair product that offers UV protection is a good idea. Moisturizing Shampoo covers each strand with a protective shield that prevents UV damage and keeps the hair safe from sun damage.

Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is a consequence of dry, dehydrated hair, and can be treated by providing an apt amount of nourishment to the hair. Since Moisturizing Shampoo takes care of dehydrated hair and quenches it well, the hair is less prone to breakage and split-ends and stays healthy and intact. 

And that’s how a single problem has solved several of your summer hair concerns. For a multiplied effect, pair up Moisturizing Shampoo with Moisturizing Conditioner and see the magic!